Water Handling

Futura Water Systems – The Long-Term Solution

The conditions in certain parts of wastewater treatment facilities are very corrosive to steel and concrete, it is therefore imperative to apply the proper systems to protect these valuable assets for trouble-free operation and in order to extend their service life.

Much More Than a Paint Job

Traditional paint products are typically designed for decorative and aesthetic purposes, not protection. Of course, there paints that are specialist in their nature but will still only be applied at 100-400 microns total dry fil thickness. Our high-performance coatings, typically applied at 500-1500 microns, are designed with optimum adhesion in mind in order to provide rust inhibition, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, and also protect against erosion and abrasion, plus weathering. This approach provides optimal protection for the costly infrastructure it is applied onto where conventional paints can rapidly be degraded leading to expensive remedial works and downtime.

Where potable water is being stored or transported Futura are able to offer a range of certified coatings to ensure that this valuable resource is not lost between treatment and delivery to the consumer.

With years of experience and a comprehensive knowledge of the unique conditions existing within water and wastewater treatment plants, Futura provides solutions tailored to specific projects with support on hand to aid the specifiers and applicators throughout the process.

Our proven systems ensure long-term solutions for even the most demanding environments.

Features & Benefits

  • Structures realize long-term protection from erosion and chemical attack
  • Fast cure systems provide a rapid return to service
  • Polyurea systems are not affected by atmospheric moisture during application and curing
  • Accommodation of structural movement with elastomeric coating solutions
  • Excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals/conditions