High-Performance Pipeline Coatings from Futura

Futura’s protective coatings specifically designed for pipeline applications are possibly the most versatile solutions available on the market. Our Protec coatings series is designed to solve corrosion, erosion and wear and abrasion problems in a variety of applications and environments, specified by many OEM pipeline suppliers and used worldwide. Futura coatings have a proven track record built up over 20+ years.

Our advanced polyurethanes and polyureas are easily spray-applied utilizing existing plural component spray technology and can be used in both workshop and field applications. Futura’s 100% solids formulations result in uniform, dense, high build coatings. Specifically designed for direct to metal application our coatings are available in spray applied fast cure and also hand applied versions in order to cater for all requirements.

Specifically Formulated for the Petrochemical Industry

Our protective coatings are specifically formulated to handle the tough standards demanded by the petrochemical industry. We ensure an ideal protective coating system that provides a hard, impact resistant coating with long-term chemical resistance, corrosion protection and excellent resistance to cathodic disbondment. Applicable onto steel and ductile iron pipelines, the Futura systems can also be applied to Aluminium and other substrates. Contact our technical team for further guidance.

Below ground, it protects against damage during pipeline burial and underground service conditions which can include chemically corrosive and erosion situations.
Above ground, varieties of our Protec series have superb UV-stability – great for protecting pipe fittings, elbows and other metal components such as pumps, gearboxes, etc.

The main advantages of Futura pipeline coatings include:

  • Rapid cure and return to service
  • Corrosion and abrasion resistance
  • Solvent-free, 100% solids
  • High build, one multipass coat application
  • Shop or field application
  • Outstanding physical performance properties
  • Tough and durable – during both handling and in service
  • Tolerant to ambient moisture during application