Theming and Composites

Theming and Replication Systems for Limitless Forms

Futura formulate and provide both structural and flexible Polyurea and Polyurethane systems for use as alternatives to fiberglass or steel aftermarket composite fabrication.

Our Polyurea and Polyurethane “hard coats” for application over lightweight foam and EPS allow for the creation of cost-effective, elaborate, custom architectural shapes and trim. The coated parts can be painted or decorated with a range of off the shelf Acrylic, PU or Epoxy paints in order to achieve the final desired finish.

With hard system coats and UV resistant top coats available for direct to wood application, speaker cabinet coating can be achieved which will provide waterproof, resilient, long-lasting solutions for cabinet builders. Mechanical damage can easily be touched back in enabling cost-effective refurbishment of the cabinets.

Futura Coatings is, without question, the most diversified company in the specialty coatings and systems business.

Features & Benefits

  • Recreate any architectural features such as domes, cornices, arches, columns, windows, and doors
  • Fire retardant systems are available to meet various codes, contact us for more information
  • Almost any finish can be achieved to suit designers requirements.
  • Cures in seconds saving time and storage space
  • Tough durable finish when cured resistant to impact, weathering and thermal cycling
  • More cost-effective than plaster, wood or FRP production methods
  • Compliments the EIFS system